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RECENT SERIES: Truth Dare Promise

In this series we were in lockdown with Daniel! We journeyed with Daniel through the Babylon exile as faithfulness to God comes under pressure. Along the way we discovered the TRUTH of living in alignment with God, the DARE of living out of time with the culture and the PROMISE of the coming Kingdom.

220821 Truth - Brett Jones Facebook Live

Reflection Questions - In the mundane and in the profound:

  • What values and practices will mark me as a child of God in this season and in the future?

  • How will I align myself with Kingdom values and priorities in this season and the future?

  • What or who matters to me most in this season and in the future?

290821 Dare - Brett Jones Facebook Live

050921 Promise - Melissa Powell Facebook Live

Reflection Questions

What does living into the kingdom’s values look like for you - right now?

What will it cost you to get there?


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