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Week 3 Blessed Are The.... - Brett Jones uncovers the peace-living conflict avoider in each of us and explores healthy conflict against the backdrop of King David's family...

Our People


                         Brett is the founding pastor of                                   cession|community  and just won’t                           leave! Brett is passionate about                                 people reach their God-given                                       potential. He revels in the village that is a part of who cession|community is becoming. He longs to connect people to their Creator. Brett grew up in Howick and continues to live here with wife Kristen and their 4 children.  He once emptied a bucket of water on his head to make a point. He forgot he was wearing an expensive microphone at the time…Brett currently serves as National Leader for our movement.  Contact Brett here.  Brett’s  Sabbath day is Fri.

                                   Melissa is Associate Pastor to                                      cession|community and a                                            cession original who has                                              returned for this role.                                                       Melissa provides Executive/Systems support, Staff supervision and works with Brett on the pastoral team.  Contact Melissa here.


cession|community is under the spiritual oversight of our Servant Leaders, who operate as our elders:

Greg Buckley, Brett Jones & Jewel Turinsky. 


                        Carmel Bell is Youth Pastor to the                                cession|youth|community (CYC).                                 Carmel works as a youth worker and                          Team Leader at Pakuranga College                            where she interacts with youth from the Howick area. Head over to the CYC page for more information or connect on Facebook

                        Sarah Johnson is the Children's                                    Ministry Coordinator leading a great                          team of committed volunteers in                                Cultivate Kids.  Our kids participate in 4 age group classes designed to meet their particular developmental needs while ensuring they belong to the wider church family.  Find our more about Cultivate Kids here


cession|core is a group of ministry team leaders charged with coordinating the ministry of cession|community:


              Carmel Bell (YOUTH)


               Sarah Johnson (CULTIVATE KIDS)


               Vania Dunn (CONNECT WORSHIP)               



               Kristen Jones (COMPASS MISSIONS)



               Lindsay Brooke-Smith (CONNEXIONS)


               Katie Buckley (CATALYST OUTREACH)