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Our Privacy Policy



cession|community is a congregation of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (WMCANZ). In WMCANZ we recognise the importance of respecting and protecting all individual’s right to privacy.


The purpose of our privacy statement is to inform members, visitors, event or course attendees, and those accessing cession community’s community services in person or online about how cession|community collects, stores and may use personal information shared with us.


cession|community endeavours to fully comply with the principles of the Privacy Act 2020 and will handle your personal information with care and respect.



Key Principles of Our Privacy Policy


  • Cession community collects personal information from members and those who use our services in order to carry out our role as an organisation and to communicate information about our services, events and activities.

  • We may collect personal information about members or users directly or we may generate personal information in the course of carrying out our role as an organisation.

  • Cession community will only use personal information for the purpose for which it was collected.

  • Any information collected from children and young people (0-18 years) will be done with care and fairness and only when necessary to carry out our role as an organisation.

  • cession|community will not continue to hold personal information longer than the purpose for which it was required.

  • Cession community will do everything reasonably within its power to keep your personal information protected and safe.

  • cession community uses third party suppliers to deliver specific services e.g. email, database, donations, course and event registration, social media etc. ; cession community chooses suppliers that have comparable privacy policies that comply with New Zealand law.

  • The Privacy Act 2020, ensures that every person is entitled to request a copy of, or correction to, personal information held about them at any time. cession community will be transparent with information whilst ensuring we do not breach the trust or safety of others or where information may be legally privileged.


Personal Data

Cession community may collect personal information from users, including information about: your name, age, contact details, course & event registration details, donations and confidential pastoral notes collected during interactions with Pastoral staff and leadership.

The provision of personal information to us is optional. However, in some instances we may be unable to effectively provide you with requested services or carry out our role as an organisation if you are unable to provide us with information we request.

Cession community collects personal information in order to: carry out our role and function as an organisation, including: the provision of pastoral care, keeping you informed about services, events, courses and activities, compliance with legal requirements (e.g. charitable donations), the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults, completion of registration and management requirements for courses, and events, improving service delivery, evaluating the effectiveness of services and programmes.

Cession community does not share your personal information with third parties with the exception of third parties providing digital services to us that are essential or beneficial to our role and function as an organisation. However, we may share personal information with the NZ Police or another government agency, if required by law (e.g. to assist in the investigation of a criminal offence), to report significant misconduct or where there is a serious threat to any individuals’ health and safety.


Capturing Personal Images

During the provision of services and events, cession community may capture still photographs and or video footage, including shots where individuals and groups may be identifiable. Any images captured will be used for the purpose of historical record or promotional use only.

In accordance with our Safe Church Child Protection Policy, no photographs or videos will be taken where individual children, young people or vulnerable adults can be identified without appropriate consent e.g. parent, caregiver or legal guardian.

Interacting in Digital Spaces

Cession community makes use of a range of digital and social media platforms to share content, promote available services, and interact with members, event and course attendees, those accessing our community services and the wider community.  

When users engage with cession community using any of these services, the digital platform may collect users’ personal information for its own purposes. Users should consult and be aware of each individual networks’ privacy policy and terms of use.




Websites & Apps

Cession community collects the following information about your use of our websites & apps, including the occasional use of cookies;

  • your IP address,

  • search terms used

  • pages accessed on our website and any links clicked on

  • the date and time you visited the site

  • the referring site (if any) through which you accessed our website

  • your operating system (such as Windows 10)

  • the type of web browser you use (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer)


NB: cession community does not attempt to associate digital activity with identifiable personal information


Unsubscribing from cession|community Communications

To unsubscribe from a mailing list or any other correspondence sent out by cession community either use the unsubscribe link included in the email or contact You will need to provide your name, relevant email address and the communication you would like to stop receiving.

Cession community will not keep your personal information longer than the purpose for which it was required. All personal information will be destroyed securely including both digital and physical files.

The Privacy Act 2020 permits any person to request a copy of personal information held about them, or have it corrected. If you would like to request this or have any questions about your personal information or our policies and practices, please contact our privacy officer at

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