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The Surrendered Life

It's week 2 of our series Sacred Rhythm - Brett shared on The Surrendered Life - you can listen online if you missed it and want to stay in the loop for your cell group this week! If you missed last week you can check it out here.

Brett shared on 3 kinds of rhythms that we can look to incorporate into our Rule of Life:

1. Rhythms that encourage "appropriate smallness" including Confession and Praise

2. Rhythms that help us to put away the crutches of our lives and encourage "appropriate leaning" like Reflection

3. Rhythms that encourage us to yield or surrender to grace including Repentance, Communion and Prayer from others

This week you can look to include these rhythms into your rule of life - just 1 or 2 new things per week rather than trying to master the whole Rule in one week.

You may find some help with these specific tools:

Journalling - there are many different ways of keeping a journal - here are a few

Prayer of Examen - a great end to the day with God or try the APP

Devotional - here's one that fits our current series well

Daily Prayer - check out these different ways of incorporating prayer into life

Dave Pitman developed a helpful resource for our Intermediates Group this past Sunday which you are welcome to use as part of developing your own Rule of Life - this is well worth a look!

And here's another great article on developing a Rule of Life.


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