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  • Brett Jones

GONE, FISHING - Medium - Poetry/Video

I used to write a lot more poetry than I do these days - I have a whole collection, mostly drawing on darker times. A lot of angst in my poetic persona! Gone, Fishing was a more positive reflection drawn from my early days of faith. But when I went to my collection of poems, it was gone! I have enjoyed recreating it from the scraps of memory and notebook musings. The poem is meant to be consumed via the video I created for it. But I have also included it in text.

The inspiration for including this poem comes from John 21. I love this account of fishing where Jesus shows such compassion for a volatile and often wayward Peter who I relate to much!

I've been exhibiting with Stations since 2007. This is only the 2nd time I've contributed a poem. But I think in some sense poetry is at the heart of my creativity whether its expressed in words or through the multi-media installations I have favoured over the years.

Gone, Fishing

20 metres, or so, is all it takes,

For the darkness to swallow me.

Accompanied in the solitude,

Just up the beach.

Surf crashes, in my mind at least.

The relentless pounding,

Fear unanswered.

Uncertainty eroding one grain at a time.

My rod tip snaps a question

And again.

Casting lead into the depths.

Are you there?

Universes swirl overhead.

Phosphorescence lures.

The smallness of the moment

Bathed in moon's light.

The breeze soothes.

Promises whisper onto the beach.

The heavens, your burley bag.

I take the bait.

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