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  • David Pitman

DEATH TO SELFIE - Medium - Spray Paint on Plywood

INSPIRATION I got the inspiration for this piece after attending an exhibition of work by street artist “Banksy” in Auckland in 2018. I wanted to create something that captured his style and social commentary. This piece reflects on the way that our society seems too often to experience the world through our devices. How we are so busy recording life to share with others on social media, that we forget to actually experience it for real. Our interaction with the world, our opinions and prejudices, our connection to others… all framed by that little glowing rectangle of artificial light that we hold in our hands. The cross represents possibly the most selfless act in human history – the immortal and eternal, now become mortal, willingly surrendering his life for the good of all humanity – to restore the connection between us and God, and each other. Were it to happen today, would we see it, would we look up from our screens? Take a moment to consider how much of our attention is absorbed by media and online content. What are connections might we pursue in this season of being “locked down” with our world, with each other, and with the God who calls us to true community. To “disconnect to connect” as Brady Giusta (songwriter for Azato) puts it…

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