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Christmas Services 2017

We're celebrating Christmas Eve in double time this year! You're welcome to join us for:

Family Service from 5pm - "Right On Time"

We'll be kicking off the celebration at 5pm with a delicious dinner of Christmas Ham. The dinner is free for you and your family. A koha basket is available.

Our all-age service kicks off at 5.45pm with the Christmas story told with a difference amidst traditional carols, multimedia and an interactive feel. We explore how the first Christmas was right on time...We'll be done by 7pm.

Midnight Service from 11pm - "Pitch-Perfect"

This unique service is an opportunity for a quieter, reflective Christmas Eve, with traditional carols combined with contemplative and contemporary worship elements. We'll be exploring how Jesus is pitch perfect for our living across the highs and lows of human experience. Our service finishes at 12.01 so you can be first to say "Merry Christmas".

You can find us here.


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