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Tempo Podcast

Our recent Advent series challenged the way in which most of us live way too's not that intentional, goal-oriented activity is's more that so much of our busyness happens to us. We're victims of drive-by busyness and never more so in this period leading up to Christmas. We explored a Tempo Change in our living as we journeyed with the early chapters of Luke's gospel. You're welcome to listen in!

Week 1 - Playing in the Gaps 261117 - Brett Jones

Week 2 - Improv 031217 - Brett Jones

Week 3 - Counterpoint 101217 - Brett Jones

Week 4 - Finding Our Voice 171217 - Brett Jones

You're welcome to join us for dinner from 5pm. Our service starts at 5.45pm. You can find out what to expect here.


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