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Week 3 Blessed Are The.... - Brett Jones uncovers the peace-living conflict avoider in each of us and explores healthy conflict against the backdrop of King David's family...

Through the Wringer - Podcast

August 2, 2017

 In this series we engaged with James' letter to the Christians of his time who were living faith under pressure.  But James does not let them off - he calls them...and put our faith through the wringer - to live lives of authentic faith despite, and maybe even because of, the internal and external pressures of the real world.  Check out the messages:


Week 1 - The Pressure Of Normal Life aka "It's Not Fair!" - Brett Jones

Week 2 - The Pressure of Genuine Faith aka "Keep It Real" - Brett Jones

Week 3 - The Pressure of Careless Words aka "Watch Your Mouth" - Brett Jones

Week 4 - The Pressure of Self-Centred Living aka "Let It Go" - Rob Reynolds

Week 5 - The Pressure of Living Well aka "Person Up" - Brett Jones



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