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Sacred Rhythm - Reboot

As Spring arrives we're checking in on our Sacred Rhythms and doing some spring-cleaning. It's a chance to look at where you are with your own Sacred Rhythms and to take opportunities to live more and more in time with the divine. Here are some options for you to look at:

1. Sacred Rhythm Checklist - take some time to look across the broad areas that can be included in a Rule of Life. In which areas are you finding life? In which areas are you sensing a deficit you want to address? If you decide to add anything to your Sacred Rhythm, aim for just 1 or 2 changes at a time.

2. Weekly Planner - if you feel like you need to have a closer look at how your time is spent over a week, try the weekly planner as a way to assess current activity. What things do you affirm about your current rhythm? What would you critique? Use the information as a way to generate options for (a) Repurposing - taking existing time and applying it to new activities NB you have to stop something to do this! (b) Stacking - take an existing activity and add something to that rhythm eg Brett shared about adding worship music to his gym time (c) Refocus - look to make more of an existing rhythm - shifting focus on Sunday or with cell group or with any other spiritual rhythm


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