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Lent Encounter - week 2

The Lent Encounter is an opportunity to feed a hunger for God instead of filling up on things that fail to satisfy. Just take a few minutes each day to engage with the media for each day as an opportunity to encounter the presence of God. You might find it helpful to journal things that God reveals, or encourage others by commenting on the daily Facebook posts. watch|monday watch and consider the video Jesus Tattoo:

What is your tattoo word? What would you like Jesus to change it to? Take this to him in prayer. look|tuesday Lets open our eyes and explore this picture to help us focus and pray. If you’ve never done this before: (1) ask God for insight (2) spend some time simply looking at the picture; what do you notice? enter into the story of the picture (3) ponder on the things you have noticed; what might God be saying to you? (4) pray about what you have noticed and pondered, take your feelings and thoughts to God. (5) just be silent before God and listen with your heart. Bask in his presence.

24.2 keeponlooking.jpg

Many of these pictures come from Morning Bell. sing|wednesday Listen to this song on Spotify and let it speak to your heart

spotify copy.png

It's you - click to open in spotify For the whole songlist and bonus songs to listen to throughout lent 2015, try this playlist: the hunger remains

read|thursday Engage with this scripture - Mark 6:30-44 “How many loaves do you have?”

Try this way of meditative reading (based on lectio divina) (1) ask God for insight (2) slowly read-aloud the passage a couple of times: what do you notice? Try to picture yourself in the story. (3) read a third time. As you notice words or thoughts, pause and ask "what might God be saying to me?" (4) pray: stay with and draw from the emotions they evoke, respond to their challenge; thank God for what he is showing about himself. (5) just be silent before God, resting in his presence.

feed|friday Check-up day. How is the hunger goal going?

What are you choosing to starve this week? Pray the events, experiences and emotions of the past week and offer them to God, being real about the disappointments and thankful for the positives. Setting aside 5-10 minutes of quiet for this special TGIF will likely help you make this happen.

rest|saturday Take some time out to do something that is personally refreshing to you. It doesn’t have to be long or expensive. But treat yourself to the gift of a little personal down time or attention.

What about a wee sleep or a bike-ride (see some options here)

cession|sunday See you at 5pm for a feed and The Hunger for Presence.

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