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Prepare - Week 1

Advent Devotional Week 1

Advent proper does not start properly until this time next week. This is our week to “Prepare the Way” for Advent.

For a bit of background on Advent you can google up a storm but here’s a good informational site.

Our week of preparation is about taking stock of life at a number of levels – to do this you will need to carve out some time and space, perhaps with a journal available to captures thoughts and reflections:

  • How does the Christmas rush play out for you? What patterns will you question around spending, use of time, priorities, busyness? What new traditions and rhythms will you choose to make part of life in this season?

  • What are the larger themes in your life that you are questioning and evaluating? Ruts you are in? Opportunities you are considering? Direction(less)?

  • How much room is there for Jesus in your living? How much do sense that life is being influenced by a dynamic, personal interaction with him? How much is living on auto-pilot? What are the rhythms that will call you back to life with Christ?

  • Where are the opportunities for you to love your neighbour in this time of Advent? What are the tangible next steps for reaching out to a neighbour, a friend in need, a co-worker?

Think of these levels of preparation as like ripping up the timbers on your old rotting deck to see what the foundations are like! There will be plenty of opportunity to look at these foundations as we move through Advent, but for the moment schedule some time across your week to ask these questions – to prepare.

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