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Face-to-Face Services @ The Depot

Face-to-face services have resumed at the Depot from 5pm on Sundays!

While we're at Alert Level 2, we’re taking the opportunity to host our service at the Depot AND online! We’re doing this by taking a 3 C’s approach: Celebration – Care – Compassion

Celebration We’re CELEBRATING that our nation is making its second comeback from COVID-19! It also means we have the opportunity to have more in-person gatherings, including on Sundays. For many that will be a meaningful moment this Sunday as we gather, in person, for dinner from 5pm for a 5.30pm start to worship.

If you’re joining us online, you’ll be able to jump on the livestream on Facebook LIVE or YOUTUBE. We’re looking forward to seeing you online and having you be part of our time together in a meaningful way.

Care We are making sure that with everything we do we take CARE of our church family and our wider community. So we’re ensuring that all the safety and hygiene requirements are in place because being welcoming also means taking care of one another. This also means that if you’re sick we’d ask you to join us online to help keep everyone healthy.

Compassion We’re recognising that people are in all different places in this challenging season. Some of us are tired, some are anxious, some are super-excited(!), some are feeling a bit blah. So COMPASSION is high on our agenda as we recognise people will be in different places. We want everyone to feel free to respond to the season as they need and find their own comfort level.

Arriving At The Depot We’re using the main entrance and carpark. You’ll have the option to sign in digitally using the Church Center App (downloadable from Google Play or The App Store) or via our contact register just inside the Hall.

To get connected to the App just search for “cession” in the app store and you’ll be guided to enter your email for an authorisation code. Once you enter your name it will all sync up with our system and you’ll be able to register yourself and/or your family when you arrive. If it’s all too confusing we can sign you in inside

You can also sign in using the Ministry of Health COVID-19 App – this is recommended for keeping your personal diary of movements but does not relieve cession|community of the responsibility of maintaining a contact register!

Chow! We’ve been asking around and most of our community are keen for the Sunday meal to continue. So we are offering a meal that will be delicious AND prepared with full attention to hygiene requirements.

This is one of those things that not everyone is comfortable with. We understand and are relaxed about whether you eat with us this Sunday.

Cultivate Kids Our kids are already better at this stuff than us having been at school and kindy! We’ll be following the same processes they are used to at school and kindy. Parents you already know the drill in encouraging hand and sneezing hygiene and being careful about physical contact. We’ll be making sure they sanitise their hands before and after. We also want you to know, that we’re OK with kids being kids. We understand the reality so please don’t feel pressured to have your kids behave perfectly (as if that were possible)

Questions If you have any further questions please contact our Associate Pastor, Rev Melissa Powell.

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