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Going Deep - instructions

Alongside the Shallow series, here are some exercises designed to help us move from the shallows to deeper waters in our relationship with ourselves, others and God.

Quotes are from Henri J M. Nouwen, Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life. NY: Doubleday, 1975. Nouwen writes of this as three movements:

1. The movement of the individual from loneliness to solitude (reaching out to ourselves)

2. The movement of the individual from hostility to hospitality (reaching out to others)

3. The movement of the individual from illusion to prayer (reaching out to God)

Going Deep by myself (2 x 15 minutes + practical exercise)

1. Reflect on the week’s quote. What does this mean for me?

2. Plan when you will complete the practical exercise

3. Later in the week review the quote and how the practical exercise went

Going Deeper Together (15 minute module)

1. Read the week’s quote. What is Nouwen trying to say?

2. How are you going with the practical exercise and how can we as a group support you in this? Is there something we can do together?

Cultivate exercises for the series Shallow

Cession | community

July 2015


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