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  • Carol Turinsky

CHOICES - Medium - Canvas Painting

The three very simple pictures show what choices we have in life.

Number 1 Psalm 112:10 This shows that we have the choice of walking down a very dark road of drugs, alcohol, stealing from others, and/or we walk away from God.

Number 2 Ecclesiastes 4:8 This is when we aren’t following God, however, we do good deeds, love life and wonder if there is more to life than existing and doing for others.

Number 3 Psalm 51:1-12 and 112:1 This is when we have asked God to be the most important part of our life. We rely on Him, read His Word, try hard to be what He wants us to be, talk to Him and are still so we can hear Him.

18 of August 1981. A job I only had for 3 months ended rather abruptly. As I was walking home from the bus stop I was thinking out loud, like I always do. Twice I heard someone answer my questions and say, “Trust me”. No one was there. At that point I looked up and asked God if He was playing tricks on me. Then the voice I’ll never forget said, “Trust me my child”. I knew it was our God. I dropped to my knees and thanked Him for being a part of my life. I felt such peace and joy and knew everything would work out and it did. God is always there, even if we can’t see, feel or hear Him. All we have to do is confess that we are sinners, then reach out to Him and ask Him into our heart. Ask Him right now. I often wonder why I didn’t surrender my life to our Lord sooner. Perhaps I thought I could handle things on my own. Perhaps I was just too stubborn. I can hear both my sons say, “You think?” Being strong and independent can be good traits. We just have to know when to step back and lean on our heavenly Father.

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