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Week 3 Blessed Are The.... - Brett Jones uncovers the peace-living conflict avoider in each of us and explores healthy conflict against the backdrop of King David's family...

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February 2, 2019


Many of us find ourselves living distracted, unfiltered lives where our constant attention is being fought for by TV, the demands of "busy", social media and devices.  In this series, we made the choice to be fully present.  Completely.  To the fullest extent.  fully.


030219   Fully Present - "Overflow"  -  Brett Jones

100219   With God - "Streams" - Brett Jones

          Powerpoint - see opening "scenes" that match opening of message

          Being With Guide - take some some to reflect on your life rhythm

170219  In Community - "Naked" - Brett Jones

240219 With Neighbours - "Ripples" - Brett Jones






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