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House Rules Box Set

As we struggle with the DIY project of our lives, what are some of the major reno projects that we need to complete? How will we reconstruct life on a solid foundation? We look at some of the house rules that will help us in this life long project. We lean into the Proverbs and a little bit of Jesus as we build wide foundations for 21st Century Living.

150418 - From Fear to Love - Brett Jones (see below for the start of this message)

Week 1 - we lost the start on our went something like this:

"We’re in week 1 of our series House Rules so it makes sense that we start by checking out the foundations to our living. Over the Christmas holidays many of you will know we built a small office – and the cool thing about it was that we managed to build the entire thing in one day! We felt pretty good about this amazing feat of construction wizardry. And it’s almost true. Yes we constructed the walls, roof and most of the floor in a day. But it took a lot longer to build the foundations. It started with needing to get rid of stuff that was in the way. The stuff in this case was a large tree which took about 6 hours in total to take down. And that’s not counting the time it took to treat the stump so it wouldn’t grow back. Then we had to dig the holes for the foundation posts – that seemed like it would be easy with the monstrous, motorised posthole borer we hired. Except there was more stuff in the way. Roots from the tree – funny that…and chunks of stone and concrete that had been used as fill way back."


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