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Week 3 Blessed Are The.... - Brett Jones uncovers the peace-living conflict avoider in each of us and explores healthy conflict against the backdrop of King David's family...

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Christmas Eve Services

Cession Community is celebrating Christmas Eve twice!

FAMILY SERVICE - 5pm "There's Something About Joseph..." We'll be gathering from 5pm for a delicious Christmas Ham dinner, with plenty of time to hang out, followed by a 1 hour Christmas Eve service for all-ages from 6pm. If you want to "go nativity" with your outfits, you're welcome! We'll be continuing with Matthew's gospel where we encounter Joseph's side of the story. What a great occasion to invite family and friends to join us

MIDNIGHT SERVICE - 11 - 12.01pm "Unprecedented, New Normals & a Pivot..." Join us for the wonder and the mystery of a midnight service. We take some much overused words from 2020 and tell the story of Jesus from Matthew's gospel through the eyes of Joseph. Be the first to say "Merry Christmas"! This unique service is a wonderful opportunity to invite family and friends to a quieter, contemplative space with a thought-provoking message.

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