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Want to connect with us?

There are plenty of ways to get connected


We gather on Sundays for a meal provided by our chow team (koha) at the Depot in Sir Lloyd Elsmore Park - dinner is a great time to connect with others around the table.  We continue with worship from 5.30pm.  Our kids programme runs during the service.   We're all done by 6.45pm.  You can find out what to expect here.


You can connect with our midweek & Sunday youth community here.


You can connect with our Sunday kids ministry here and our midweek Playgroup here.


We run regular Plugging In chats so you can get to know us better.  Our pastor, Brett, is part of these chats and will help you identify different ways we can partner together.  For details of the next Plugging In email us


cession|community is built on small groups or cells designed to promote life transformation, build authentic community, offer Christ to others and provide care. We believe that we cannot embody our values, fulfil our vision, or accomplish our mission if people are not connected to one another.  A great deal of what cession|community does in the lives of its people and community happens in these smaller clusters of people. To explore a cell group email us


The concept of Body Ministry where each member of the Body is uniquely created by God and spiritually gifted by the Holy Spirit to build up the Body as a whole is part of our values system at cession.

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